A flute and keyboard ensemble delving into musical gems from a 500-year span, with period and world instruments and new interpretations of classics.

  • Andrea Nolin, flutes
  • Colleen Katsuki, piano & percussion
Adolph Menzel, Baroque Concert

Our Programs

A typical 50-minute concert presents music from different eras played on period flutes, including classical, jazz, South American, Native American, Irish, and a contemporary selection. Before each selection we talk about the development of flutes thru the ages. The audience is invited to look more closely at the instruments after the program. Previous programs have included more than seven different flutes, a Native American style one-sided drum, a South American rainstick, and a keyboard with harpsichord and piano sounds.

Programs can be arranged for any length and usually include some dialog. We have a portable keyboard for venues that don't have a concert piano.


Andrea Mason Nolin and Colleen Katsuki are Soundbitten, a chamber music group dedicated to playing the greatest music ever written for flute and keyboard.

About Soundbitten

Both Andrea and Colleen have decades of performing chamber music behind them, (from Carnegie Hall and WGBH to Dartmouth College). They are continually expanding their instrument collection and opening the ears and eyes of their audiences with their love of so many different genres of music.

Since Soundbitten's formation in 2013, they have performed at many venues, including Cambridge homes, Arlington Senior Center, Belmont's Beech Street Center, and A Concert of 18th and 19th Centuries at the Frederick Historic Piano Collection in Ashburnham, MA. Recently soundbitten performed at New England Conservatory as part of their Music Masterclass Series.

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Sample Programs (PDFs)
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