A flute and keyboard ensemble delving into musical gems from a 500-year span, with period and world instruments and new interpretations of classics.

  • Andrea Nolin, flutes
  • Colleen Katsuki, piano & percussion
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From Renaissance to Contemporary

Soundbitten distinguishes its performances by matching the instruments with the era of the music performed. Imagine a sonata by Baroque composer Boismortier played by Ms. Nolin on a reproduction flute from 1750 Rottenburgh! Ms. Katsuki chooses a keyboard that matches the timbre and range of that same era. Together they create an experience that is aurally intriguing and historically transporting.

Meet the Flutes!

The Historical Piano

The bad news is we can't transport historic pianos to our concerts. The good news is we can replicate the sound of many historic pianos using technology.