A flute and keyboard ensemble delving into musical gems from a 500-year span, with period and world instruments and new interpretations of classics.

  • Andrea Nolin, flutes
  • Colleen Katsuki, piano & percussion
assembly of flutes Andrea Nolin, flutist

Selected Works

This is a partial list of the many pieces in the Soundbitten repertoire that feature a variety of flutes from many musical eras and styles.

Burkart Elite 998 Silver Flute, 2002

Theme and Variations in 3rd Mode Thomas Tallis/Nolin
Women of Ireland Sean O'Riada
Someone to Watch Over MeGershwin
Sonata in D, Op. 94, Scherzo Sergei Prokofieff

Navajo Flute by Spirit Flutes, 2013

Improvisation Nolin/Katsuki

German Flutes

G. Mollenhauer c.1890Orientale Modere Philippe Gaubert
G. Mollenhauer c.1890Hungarian Melody in D minor, D.817 Franz Schubert/Robert Stallman
G. Mollenhauer c.1890Sonata in F, K.V. 13 Andante Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Baroque fluteSonata in GDietrich Buxtehude
Rottenburg 1750SonataBoismortier
German flute 1786The English Duty The Compleat Tutor for Fife, 1786, London